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Our service consists of various processes. From sorting, washing, packaging, storage or preparing for further transport.


The weighbridge is located at the front of our grounds. Potato loads can be weighed here. We also call this the ‘dirty cargo’. The big advantage of having our own weighbridge is that we can work quickly and efficiently: the producer gets a fair price and we know exactly what quantities are coming in.

After weighing, the rinsing process begins and the worst of the dirt is cleaned off the potatoes before they actually go into the washing area.

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Once the potatoes arrive at our sorting centre, they are sorted according to variety, size, quality and final destination.

As a result of this short turnover, we are able to deliver almost directly from the source to our customers. This guarantees a unique quality, and you get the best product for the right price.

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At our location in Dinteloord, it’s possible to wash and sort potatoes all year round. The potatoes can then dry in our sheds. With a capacity of 20 tons per hour, we can always deliver quickly and professionally.

By means of a de-stoner, all large clods and stones are removed from the potato cargo. The dirt sinks to the bottom and the potatoes float in a large container.

After the first rinsing process, the potatoes go to the washing drum where they can be cleaned further.

In the end, of course, the potatoes have to dry again so that they can keep their shelf life. At the end of this process, they can either be directly loaded or packaged and then sold to our customers.

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The potatoes are packaged in our own warehouses using various semi-automated processes. After they have been sorted by size, the potatoes are packed in bags using our packaging machines.

We can package the potatoes in bags with your own label if you prefer. These are then palletised and wrapped so that they can be transported to our customers throughout Europe and further afield.

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Storage and transhipment

Potatoes that are not sold directly go into our refrigerated storage to keep them in top condition. Our various cold stores offer tons of space for our potatoes. This enables us to deliver from stock all year round.

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A continuous process of buying and selling takes place at our office. Customer enquiries come to us by telephone, email or order systems. In addition, farmers/growers offer us the product.

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From the centrally located storage in Dinteloord, we deliver quickly to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen. Here the potatoes go on to be transported to countries throughout Europe and even further afield.

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