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Seed potatoes

Kouters seed potatoes are available in several varieties, from early-ripening to medium/early- ripening and late-ripening varieties. So the type you choose depends on when you want to harvest.

As far as the delivery time is concerned, we can deliver seed potatoes as early as around the end of January. Although this does depend on weather conditions and the degree of frost. In general, our seed potatoes are available until the end of April.

Early and mid-season potatoes

An early season potato is characterised by its relatively short growth period, which means it can be harvested within 80 to 100 days. This is often done before the potato is fully ripe. Depending on the circumstances under which you seed the potatoes, this can of course be a little earlier or a little later. For the mid-season varieties, the time to harvest is after about 100 to 120 days. We will gladly advise you on the best choice at this moment.

Late season potatoes

A late season potato has a growth time up to 1.5 times that of the early varieties. It therefore takes about 110 to 140 days before the potatoes can be harvested.

The late season varieties are also called the real table potatoes, because this type of potato is stronger due to the longer growing period. You can also store them much longer and better, sometimes as long as the entire winter period.

Chitting bags

Our potatoes are suitable for use in chitting bags. In this type of bag, the potatoes can sprout in a light frost-free environment. The seed potatoes form white sprouts. This considerably speeds up the process from planting to harvesting.

If you are you curious about the varieties available?

We offer a wide range of seed potatoes. Ask about the varieties currently available at Kouters Potatoes. From early to late season, or organic potatoes. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re the number 1 in potatoes.

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